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A regular cleaning schedule helps you keep on track with the cleaning and upkeep of your pool and equipment. This ensures your swimming pool water is hygienic and stays sparkling. It also keeps your pool in a good condition, which can ultimately increase the lifetime of your pool and the equipment. If you are looking to buy pool equipment in Australia, then we recommend you not to go further. Browse through a wide range of cleaners below and choose one that best fits your needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Splash and Co to buy pool equipment like cleaners in Australia?
Splash and Co is the renowned name when it comes to buying pool equipment like cleaners in Australia. We are industry leaders in providing cleaners at the best competitive rates. The quality is great, and prices are affordable. Try yourself once and we reckon that you are going to love it.

2. How often do you need to clean your pool?
When you buy pool equipment like cleaners, it becomes important that you put it in a great use. At Splash&Co, we recommend to use cleaners once a week at bare minimum to avoid regrets in the future.