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Swimming pool covers reduces the amount of ultra-violet light of Sun that comes into contact with the water. This turns out to be one of the vital benefits as Chlorine (pool chemical) is degraded when exposed to UV rays. Hence, when you use swimming pool covers from Splash&Co, this implies that you won’t be required to add higher proportion of chlorine, which can ultimately save you time to refill and dollars buying the chemicals. Explore a wide range of beautiful pool covers on our website below!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Splash and Co for Swimming Pool Covers?
Splash and Co is the renowned name when it comes to buying swimming pool covers in Australia. We are industry leaders in providing pool covers at the best competitive rates. The quality is great, and prices are affordable. Try yourself once and come back when you like.

2. How long should swimming pool covers last?
Most automatic safety pool covers lasts for an average 4 to 6 years if properly maintained. At Splash&Co, we recommend that you buy swimming pool covers that looks beautiful and comes with a reputation. And we exactly do that. Explore the range of swimming pool covers we have on our website!